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We can move your Microsoft Access data into Microsoft Word in a flash.

Microsoft Solution Provider   
1994 - 1997

1998 - 2005  

  Virtual Earth        
    Microsoft has been a leader in the mapping business for over 10 years,
they are now just moving into the consumer market.

They are now having the world photographed at "Bird Eye" level.
And they are testing "Street" level in a few cities.  Combining this with
there existing mapping software and you can do incredible things!

We are now moving our customers over to Microsoft Virtual Earth
This product has a lot more to offer to Visual Studio developers.
Coding for this is greatly streamlined and can be incorporated directly
into the application code.

We have coded up mapping directions solutions for numerous companies.
This mapping technology can be merged with a database to provide much
more satisfying  user experience.  So if you have a database and want to
mashup with a map this could be your solution.
We would be happy to give you a demo on how this could be accomplished!

  Google Maps        

We were an original Beta tester for the Google Maps web site
This is cool technology - the way the web should work

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We have some commercial projects under our belt, and are always looking for new projects.  We are willing to work with you so that you can maintain YOUR project once completed.
If you have a question or a project please email us

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