Outlook Security Attachment Workaround

It is brought up all the time that some of you are having trouble with Access attachments and sending and receiving them via Outlook. This over reaction was spawned from the Love Bug and Microsoft reaction to it. So if you installed the Outlook 98/2000 Security Update you would get a message that "Outlook was protecting you and you can not get your .mdb attachment". 

Well it is still attached you just can not see it or use it - unless you make a change to your registry. The linked article will lead you in this direction however it is not going to give it to you without a lot of reading. The last section contains what you need. 

Get into your registry!

Look for Level1Remove

This is where you add Edit New Level1Remove (type key)

and click Type and enter .mdb; mda remember to use the ; between the values you want to see in Outlook

Then after restarting Outlook you can see all of the mdb that have been sent to you again!

A Shareware Fix

There is also shareware tool that is great - the author is asking for $10 via PayPal if you want to send it to him. His add on will be in your Outlook system. There you can select the tab and move the items you want to move from Level1 to Level2.

Level 1 - is "no way you can deal with this"

Level 2 - is more like you can get the attachment however Outlook can never start it.

You will need to send it manually to your hard disk then have you way with it.


Let me know if you have any problems.

Jim House

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